AbstractClass class

Joachim Schnier (Flashscript.biz)
class AbstractClass (Event pattern)
	import flash.display.Sprite;
	import flash.events.Event;
	public class AbstractClass extends Sprite
		private static var _message:String;
		internal static var counter:int = 0;
		internal static var myObject:Sprite = new Sprite();
		internal static const SENDMESSAGE:String = "sendMessage";
* Getter and Setter functions for the messages to be transferred.
* The setter (set Message (sm:String)) contains an event dispatcher
* triggered by a new Sprite object. Because of the unique object 
* only classes extending the AbstractClass class
* are able to deal with this event.
		internal function set Message (sm:String):void
			_message = sm;
			myObject.dispatchEvent(new Event(SENDMESSAGE));
		internal function get Message ():String
			return _message;