Flash CS5 output messages: AS3Trace

Flash CS5 is out. I downloaded it, installed it and tested it using some of my movies created with CS4. A larger movie I have been working on for some time…. CRASHED! Well, that happened often with new Flash versions especially on a Mac. Then I tested one small movie and I got a large out put, which I did not understand. Now I just made a new very simple movie and experienced the same thing. Then I just deleted everything and tested a basically empty movie and got this output, which I could not explain. So I googled and there was only one – really great – pre CS5 blog, which shed light into this. So I searched for a mm.cfg file and found it where in the blog it was described.

  • Windows; C:\Documents and Settings\username\mm.cfg
  • OSX; /Library/Application Support/Macromedia/mm.cfg
  • Linux; home/username/mm.cfg

To eliminate all the output traces one needs to set AS3Trace=1 to AS3Trace=0. Close and restart Flash and the output traces will disappear. Also the large movie, which originally crashed was now working properly. However, this feature is as described in the blog a great feature. So have the mm.cfg bookmarked and make use of the feature as described in the blog whenever necessary.

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