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New Flash Loader methods

Sunday, May 9th, 2010

I recently had an annoying problem, when I wanted to unload a movie from a Loader object. The childmovie had a Timer running, which influenced a textfield in the parent movie, as it was set up. When the child movie was unloaded using myLoader.unload() the Timer continued and even objects of that movie were not null although the movie was clearly unloaded and a new movie was loaded. Flash player 10 has a feature, which prevents this and stops all actions from unloaded movies. Instead of myLoader.unload(), we use myLoader.unloadAndStop().

A feature introduced with CS5 (player 10.1) is the uncaughtErrorEvents property, which is triggered when an error occurs. This avoids using the try..catch method.

Flash CS5 output messages: AS3Trace

Saturday, May 1st, 2010

Flash CS5 is out. I downloaded it, installed it and tested it using some of my movies created with CS4. A larger movie I have been working on for some time…. CRASHED! Well, that happened often with new Flash versions especially on a Mac. Then I tested one small movie and I got a large out put, which I did not understand. Now I just made a new very simple movie and experienced the same thing. Then I just deleted everything and tested a basically empty movie and got this output, which I could not explain. So I googled and there was only one – really great – pre CS5 blog, which shed light into this. So I searched for a mm.cfg file and found it where in the blog it was described.

  • Windows; C:\Documents and Settings\username\mm.cfg
  • OSX; /Library/Application Support/Macromedia/mm.cfg
  • Linux; home/username/mm.cfg

To eliminate all the output traces one needs to set AS3Trace=1 to AS3Trace=0. Close and restart Flash and the output traces will disappear. Also the large movie, which originally crashed was now working properly. However, this feature is as described in the blog a great feature. So have the mm.cfg bookmarked and make use of the feature as described in the blog whenever necessary.