ImageMeter (version 1.1)

Free tool for quantitation of spots/bands on western blots, stained protein and DNA gels

image of the application

The ImageMeter is a free tool to quantitate the intensity of spots or bands. It is an application created with Adobe AIR. Image colors do not have to be inverted. Therefore, either black or white can be selected depending on the spots/bands. Background subtraction is possible, either one background for all spots/bands or subtraction of individual background can be set.

New in version 1.1: Zooming images in and out is now possible. The settings do not go back to default any more when a new cycle is selected.

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NEW: CHECK IMAGEMETERPRO, the software to determine density in blots even more accurate. Many more options have been included like spot counting in stained tissue sections, determining the density of a moving object, and more.

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On 10-22-2010 Elena commented: This is nice lite program, but i would add a parameter of ratio of Density and Area to compare the relative densities of bands with different sharpness.

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