From Flash to Javascript

Converting Flash tutorials to HTML5-Javascript.

Why converting Flash files to HTML5-Javascript?

Since Flash is not popular any more, there is a necessity to convert Flash files to HTML5-Javascript. Automatic converters exist only for easy animation swf files but not for files having complex Actionscript. On my new site I will present conversion of my former Flash tutorials to HTML5-Javascript.

I have worked with Flash for a long time (Visit the classic site). However, it is the time to move on. HTML5 exists since some years now. It is widely accepted, possible on mobile sites, while Flash particularly for security reasons but also - and I cannot comment further on that - because Flash applications have been reported to be heavy in their use of memory. While in the beginning browsers were not yet ready now is the time, where browsers accept HTML5 and many users have updated. However, I am not discussing any browser-specific issues. The files, which I introduce have been tested to work on Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari.

What files will be converted?

I am trying to convert animated movies, video games and applications. I am trying as far as it is possible to apply programming principles as well as Design patterns to the files. Javascript is different from other programming languages, but it is still possible to apply similar principles. In the course of the tutorials I wil point to similarities or differences from Flash. Furthermore, I plan to build a general library, which I had built for Flash movies with methods, which are repeatedly used in many applications. Special attention will be on integrating XML into the applications, as I did in Flash applications filling in data externally over Javascript. This means that data for HTML pages can be changed by just changing data in external XML files without touching the HTM pages themselves.

The Model-View-Controller (MVC) Design Pattern

One of the common design patterns in programming is the Model-View-Controller, short MVC pattern. I am going to present an application with different views, which is kind of a order application. Some details will not be included, since the purpose is not the order application itself but the principle how to use the MVC pattern. For more details go to the site.