From Flash to Javascript

HTML5-Javascript tutorials.

From Flash to HTML5-Javascript?

On this site you find not only Flash but also HTML5-Javascript tutorials/applications. I have worked with Flash for a long time (Visit the classic site). But I made the move to HTML-Javascript. HTML5 exists since some years now. It is widely accepted, possible on mobile sites, while Flash particularly for security reasons has unfortunately become less important. I am not discussing any browser-specific issues here.

What will you find? I am focusing on animations and programming issues, which I try to apply on HTML-Javascript. For example you will find a simple application based on the Model-View-Controller (MVC) Design Pattern, which I started with. Special attention will be on integrating XML into the applications, as I did in Flash applications filling in data externally over Javascript. This means that data for HTML pages can be changed by just changing data in external XML files without touching the HTM pages themselves. For a summary of Javascript tutorials go to this site.

NEW: Javascript based animated menus

. For more details go to the site.